RCI-02 – Dermal Injector

Dermatology Injector Device

RCI-02 Development Status

RCI-02 is a next-generation dermal injector designed to provide an improved level of control and precision for intradermal (dermis), subcutaneous (fat) or intramuscular injections.  Originally designed to support the injection of RepliCel’s RCH-01 and RCS-01 cell therapy products, the injector has broader applications for dermatological procedures requiring injections of specific volumes of material at specific depths including cellular products, fillers, hyaluronic acids, fat and collagen injections.


Prototypes are now being built to recently-announced design specifications for industrial and regulatory testing, the data from which will be used to prepare for an application for CE mark clearance to market the injector in Europe.

Design Elements

RCI-02 was designed to improve the delivery of a variety of injectables in a controlled, precise manner, removing the risks and uncertainties of injection outcomes currently resulting from manually operated, single-needle syringes.

It is the world’s first motorized injection device with programmable depth and volume, a built-in Peltier element for pre-injection anaesthetising, and interchangeable needle head configurations.  These interchangeable heads can be used to perform a variety of procedures, increase surface area coverage and speed-up procedure times.  By relying on electrical power (instead of thumb pressure) and digital controls, RCI-02 automates and simplifies the injection process.

Equipped with a touch screen on its accompanying docking station, the device’s programmability allows for the delivery of precise quantities of material, at specific depths, through fine-gauge needles, on a single plain or trailing through multi-plains as the needle retracts through the skin.

RCI-02 is designed to deliver:

  • a variety of injectable substances including cells, dermal fillers, drugs or biologics;
  • intradermally (dermis), subcutaneously (fat) or intramuscularly (muscle); and
  • via an array of needle configurations ranging from a single needle to a 16 needle configuration, (4×4) on one head.

150522_RepliCel_handpiece_06_sm 150522_RepliCel_handpiece_09_sm

  • Digital, touch-screen controls
  • Programmable depth & volume
  • Removable Peltier element for sterilization
  • Interchangeable needle heads
  • Multiple needle configurations
  • Pre-filled disposable cartridges
  • High-powered light


Overall Benefits:

  • Delivery of a variety of injectable substances
  • Enables broad, shallow injections for fine wrinkles
  • Increases precision and ease of application
  • Improved control and delivery
  • Comfort grip for ease of use
  • Increased surface area coverage
  • Quicker procedure times
  • Reduction in use of local anaesthetics
  • Less pain and bruising
  • Improved consistency of results


View our Dermal Injector Fact Sheet here: RCI-02 Fact Sheet January 1-16