Product Pipeline


RCT-01 - Tendon Repair RCS-01 - Skin Rejucenation RCH-01 - Hair Regeneration RCI-02 - Dermal Injector

RepliCel’s product pipeline leverages the unique cellular properties of the hair follicle to develop a portfolio of products that use cells for healing. RepliCel’s cell therapy products are developed to address specific functional cellular deficits which occur as a result of injury, normal aging or genetic predisposition leading to a variety of health conditions.

Future Product Pipeline

RepliCel is investing in research which has the potential to lead to a number of future products including:
•  Other chronic tendinopathies (e.g., patellar tendinosis, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, rotator cuff)
•  Other dermatologic indications (e.g, acne scaring, etc)
•  Gingivitis
•  Allogeneic versions of its proven autologous cell therapies